About Us

Cullars Heritage Farm LLC (CHF) was created to utilize Aquaponics as a means to deliver healthy foods to consumer.  Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soil-less plant culture).  In Aquaponics, nutrient rich effluent from fish tanks, are used to feed the plants. As a result fish benefit because plant roots and rhizobacteria remove nutrients from the water. The nutrient generated from the fish manure and algae are containments that would otherwise build up to toxic levels, but instead serve as liquid fertilizer for the hydroponically grown plants. The hydroponics beds function as biofilters stripping off ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus so that the cleansed water can be re-circulated back into the fish tanks.

Our Mission

Cullars Heritage Farms mission is to provide unique and healthy produce. We work harmoniously with nature and our land to grow wholesome produce through sustainable practices. We strive to cultivate a sustainable community through   the development of education, economic and culture relationships by providing social and ecological awareness in regards to food production.


CHF is family farm located in Athens Ga, established May 2012. CHF is owned by Shy Cullars a 3rd generation farmer and Alumni of Kansas State University. Ms. Cullars has been farming since the age of 7 and has always had a passion for learning how to incorporate new innovative technology into farm production. Now She hopes to duplicate her operation in her home state of Kansas.